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Whitetag is an apparel brand from the edge of Australia's Southern Ocean.

Inspired by our coastal heritage our mission is to create a timeless look and feel in our clothing that represents the authentic Australian coastal spirit. 


We work closely with ocean users to design garments that will withstand the harshest coastal conditions.


Knitwear is a key part of our clothing range. We are proud to be the Australian and New Zealand distributor of Fisherman Out of Ireland products. We have worked closely with our Irish friends for many years sharing a simple philosophy: clothing should be and can be both practical and aesthetic when designing for harsh coastal environments.

Discover gorgeous Irish fisherman-inspired designs made with 100% luxury natural fibre yarns that have quickly become an Australian coastal favourite.

Fisherman Out Of Ireland 2023 Style Book now arrived!

Ocean.  Coast.  Ecology.



WHITETAG was born on the coast and we're passionate about preserving our natural marine environment.  Whitetag supports white shark research, conservation and education through Tag for Life


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