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"As coastal people we are well versed in the myths and legends of the ocean. There is one creature in particular that is buried in our psyches - the Great White Shark".


"Like many surfers I've always had a fascination with the natural world and in particular sharks. As a child reading National Geographic and through my many years surfing in the Southern Ocean I was deeply curious about sharks and their role as apex predators in our oceans".


"I began working with Australia's leading scientists researching white sharks. The species had been listed as endangered and very little was known about them. It was crucial to learn more: their movement patterns, behaviours and habitat critical to them. I discovered that a lack of funding was preventing the pursuit of important and innovative research so WhiteTag and Tag For Life were born". 

"White Sharks are apex predators and the fragile balance of our oceans' health is reliant upon their survival. A better understanding of this creature will lead to a safer and more sustainable use of our ocean resources - for the benefit of humans and sharks.  Our aim is to contribute to the knowledge we have around White Sharks and to use that knowledge to educate ocean users...White Tag and Tag For Life helps do this".

Want to learn more or support White Shark research?

"Tag for Life is a not-for profit trust which raises funds for White Shark research and is also active in sharing research findings with the public. We do this through "Otto" our mobile White Shark Cafe which while raising funds through selling coffee also serves as a grassroots information hub.

We do school presentations (primary & secondary) and you can find us on the Victorian coast over summer and at various coastal events throughout the year - follow our Instagram and Facebook pages for more details".


Kent Stannard - founder WhiteTag and Tag For Life

Tag For Life welcomes donations. All donations are tax deductable.

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